Sunday, October 15, 2006

What kind of alternative input do we want on the Tablet PC?

(Note to self: Remember not to spend this long untill next time you post.)

If you’ve read my blog the last 6 months, you’ve seen that I have created a small tool for writing ink directly in text fields on the screen. One of the obstacles I’ve met when developing the tool has been to get a consistent way of tracking input fields for all programs in every scenario.

The other major issue I’m having is something I feel I need some help answering. How should an alternative Tablet PC Input Panel work? Jan-Kristian correctly pointed out (when commenting my posting) that there are a lot of considerations to take care of, like how to edit ink etc.

I’ve found out that covering all text fields with a semi-transparent inkable field might work if there are enough functionality for editing text already in the field, and for editing the text you’re currently writing. What I’d like you all to do now, is to comment on this post with your concerns and wishes.

Thanks for your feedback.

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