Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Seems to be rather easy using InstallShield. There are several different options to choose from. You can add all the languages you want to support to your installation, or you can build seperate installations for each language.

NOTE: The language of the installer itself and the language your application is set up to run in are not the same.

I chose to build sepearate deployment packages for each language our application is using. The reasoning behind this is that each language component weights in at around 10 megs which could be a problem to distribute to remote users when updating or servicing the application.

Using different releases and configurations under the Media/Releases node gives me the opportuntity to build more than one setup.exe from my project. I have also integrated the build of each setup into our build system using some custom code for spawning Install Shield.

To get automatic resolving of which features that should go into which of my language dependant distributions, I have set the languages property for these features to a specific language (not Language Independent). When setting a release configuration 's data languages, ui languages and default language to a given language, only those features with either the same language as the configuration (or language independent) will be included in the setup!

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