Sunday, January 15, 2006

An issue with Tablet PCs

There’s a lot of blogging about Tablet PCs now with special focus on what’s happening at the CES. Toshiba hit hard with its Dual Core Tecra M400 and a prototype of a Tablet PC with a detachable display. Tablet PC users gathered together and held a user meeting which was very interesting for those getting the chance to attend. (Read more and see some pictures) over at JkOnTheRun.

Lets face it. Tablet PCs are here to stay. The technology is working great, just look at the built-in text recognition and the new batteries that are coming that will last for a long time. Tablet PC integration in software is almost there and there are lots of small utilities you can use to fix stuff that isn’t as streamlined as you’d like it to be (read Paul Thurrot’s review about the new Google Pack to get a hint of what we’d come accustomed to expect from our software)

What I miss the most, is localized text recognition. This is of course not an issue for people living in the UK/US, but for me it is. And I think its important for Tablet PC users in other small countries as well. So please, Tablet PC team, include some kind of support for recognizing text in other languages than English, German, Italian etc.

When I show off my Tablet PC to Norwegians, they get really impressed with the possibilities of recognized text and the obvious advantages of the pen interface in certain situations. It’s always tough to have to tell them that the only small disadvantage of the system is that it doesn’t recognize Norwegian handwriting…

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