Friday, January 27, 2006

Updates on using my Tablet PC when rehearsing

As someone might have noticed, I've been using my Tablet PC when rehearsing with my band. I did, however, complain about some strange digital-sounding noise coming through my amplifier when the computer was connected with my effects rig throgh USB.

I spent some time searching for a solution, and found someone that suggested that I should unplug the power from my computer.

Yesterday I tried this, and yes, it worked!! No hiss, no noise, no nothing! And I was able to program a new patch for the new song we were working when the other band members where having a break.

To make life a bit more easy, I also created a new power-scheme in the Toshiba Power Management applet with the lowest brightness and CPU settings but without the "turn-off-the-computer-after-15-minutes" setting. This way I was able to keep the computer on during the rehearsal without having to tap the screen every 5 minutes to keep it on!

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