Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Using my Tablet PC to order a new bed

We’re currently upgrading some of the bedrooms in our apartment, and one of the things we’d like to do is to get one of those beds (I’m unsure what it’s called in English) that you can stack on top of each other so that three of our kids can sleep in the same room. This isn’t the usual IKEA bed, so I decided to make call a friend of mine that works as a furniture carpenter.

We agreed that I should make a sketch of what I needed and send to him. I picked up my Tablet PC and drew a sketch in Paint.Net. The sketch looked ok, so I sent it over to my friend. No need for a scanner or snail-mail here, just my trusty “old” Tecra M4.

Since I’m a bit picky, I must say that drawing with the pen feels a bit sluggish (I tried both Paint.NET and Photoshop). I don’t think that the pen is as responsive or accurate as I’d like it to be. I also think that there is a lag problem whenb using the pen. This is not the lag that people are complaining about with the mouse pointer (since I’m constantly upgrading my video drivers), it’s more of a pen-based problem.

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