Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cleaning out some dust!

I’ve been irritated about some dust particles that had appeared between the screen protector and the screen itself on my Toshiba Tecra M4. I remember that I’d read something about this a while ago at the The only problem was that the forum’s search functionality is broken at the moment, so I couldn’t find the pictures that showed how to remove the protector and clean up the screen.

Since I thought that I already had read enough about the issue to perform the removal and cleaning, I finally decided to take the chance on doing it without any references.

First I removed the two black plastic things covering up two of the six screws around the screen. Then I removed the four silver squares at the bottom of the screen. The removal was done with a very small screwdriver, and can be accomplished without leaving any marks on neither the plastic nor the squares (not to say that I didn’t leave any marks…).

Then I unscrewed the six screws and started to gently peel my fingernails in to split the screen apart. I remember that I had read something about someone managing to break the screen protector by doing this to hard, so I payed special attention to be gentle…

After managing to separate the screen and the protector, I used a cloth primarily targeted to clean glasses to remove the dust. This worked very well, and can absolutely be recommended. I did not use any liquids or solvents in the process, and the screen looks very clear and bright, with practically no dust at all anymore!

Separating the protector and the screen


Cleaning up

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