Saturday, April 29, 2006

The fan/brightness controll utility

If you'd like to try out the fan and brightness utility, please download it here. The utility has the following features:

* Change brightness in 8 steps
* Change fan speed in three steps
* Remembers settings (put it in your startup directory)
* Remembers settings and switches between them when you change from AC to battery.

Known issues:

* When comming back from standby or hibernate, changing the fan speed wont work before you run the tpsmain.exe program.

The program is supposed to replace the Toshiba Power Management software, and works great together with the Notebook Hardware Control.


thebithead said...

Nice utility, I like the simplicity of the interface. I have a question about the control of the fan speed. Does the SetCoolingMethod API really adjust the fan speed, or does it adjust the CPU P-State Transitions (PST) and CPU Throttling performance such that the fans will run less? If I monitor the temperature of my processor and monitor PST & Thottling of my processor under 100% CPU load, while using this utility, I observed the following behavior. When the fan control is set to "battery optimized" the CPU throttling is set near %50 percent. When fan control is set to "Performance", the CPU throttling is set near %75 percent.
When fan control is set to "Maximum Performance", the CPU throttling is set to 100%. As far as I can tell, the fan goes from off to low speed somewhere near 42C. From low speed to medium speed near 69C. From medium speed to high speed near 75C. Instead of calling it "fan control" perhaps it should be called something else.

Rob Bushway said...


I have a reader who has a question about what this really does compared to the toshiba utility. can you comment?

Christian F. said...

As I posted in a comment on your page, my utility is smaller than the Toshiba software.

I'm using it together with another utility for undervolting my cpu (to save the battery and minimize the heat produced from the cpu).

Christian F. said...

To The Thebithead:

Interesting question! I really don't know, but would guess that you're right. All I wanted with the utility was to replace the functionality for changing the fan speed and the brightness. Do you have a suggestion for another name?

thebithead said...

How about "Cooling Method"?

Christian F. said...

Cooling Method sounds much better. Thanks! I'll update the utility.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this sounds great!

Just a detail here: when I look at the task manager, PwrCtrl takes 8mb of ram, wich is more than tpsmain, is it normal?


Anonymous said...

This utility works great. I use it on my M200 for one month, no problems.

Thank you!!!

(In combination with NHC.)

Nicki said...

I am really interested in using your utlity (Toshiba M400)but I can't get the download link to work.
Is there another place that I can get it?