Monday, April 24, 2006


You're probably interested in hearing what the results are after running the Fan Utility for while. See the picture to show you that I managed to keep the computer quite cool and running for quite a while with the fan in battery mode and the processor in "slow motion".

Yes, approx three hours of battery time, and a cool computer (around 40C). And all this with Notebook Hardware Control and my own custom fan control utility that also turns down the screen brightness.


CTitanic said...

I wonder if you can create something more universal. Something that can be used in all mobile devices taking in consideration that heat is a problem present in the majority of them.

Anonymous said...

i would be interested in testing this utility on my M4 if you want. wwi (at)) windowswithink dot com

Christian F. said...

ctitanic: The utility is a special utility for the Toshiba Tecra M4. You might like to try out the Notebook Hardware Control for undervolting and controlling the CPU on your laptop. It really reduced the heat produced by my CPU.