Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas is over

Christmas is over, and It's back to work. I've had a fantastic christmas eve, got lots of nice presents and a delicious traditional Norwegian christmas meal.

The only tech-gift I got was a Tivoli Audio radio which is so much better than the old one we had (which didn't work very well, since it could only recieve a limited number of stations). It's not a DAB radio, but I really don't care. It plays very nice, and has a very clear and broad sound. I was very happy with this gift.

We also got some music. The new album from A-ha, Duets by Ane Brun and the latest from The Cardigans. Looking forward to get to know these albums.

In addition I got Seinfeld Season 4 on Dvd, which is hilarious. We've already wathed a few of them, and they're good!

Last night I managed to catch up with my list of feeds, and today I hope to finish up some work that has been waiting for me.

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