Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Switching RSS reader

Just wanted to mention that I decied to try out the NewsGator web edition in favour of which I've been using for quite a while.

The reason for switching is mainly that I wanted to see if Scoble was right when saying that NewsGator was better than Bloglines.
These are my impressions so far:

  • Importing was easy, no points to NewsGator here, since I haven't tried it the other way around. (maybe a point to for making my feeds available as an OPML file)
  • I like the user interface in NewsGator
  • NewsGator seems to be slower than BlogLines. This might have something to do with the fact that while BlogLines uses frames NewsGator is refreshing both the feed-list and the contents while I'm reading (what about some AJAX-tech-tricks here?)
  • I miss the shortcut keys from bloglines. I keep on pressing 'r' to refresh the feed list.
  • Why doesn't the clipping function work? Some posts in the support forum suggests that this is a javascript problem on the uk site.

I'm still keeping my BlogLines account :-) The next weeks will show who won.

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