Thursday, December 22, 2005

Did I Become a YABHTU?

First of all, what's this YABHTU thing? The acronym is short for Yet Another Blissfully Happy Tabletpc User, and was invented by famous TabletPC blogger Eric Mack. It's now added to the Urban Dictionary for later generations :-)

So, did I become a YABHTU? Yes I did! Read on to find out more.

Why am I a YABHTU? I'm a YABHTU because I have a computer that lets me do everything from reading interesting articles on the net to create software programs in a most convinient way. It let's me do this laying on my sofa, sitting on my desk or sitting in the office. In addition, it let's me work holding my computer with one hand while writing with a pen with the other, or typing directly on a very good keyboard. It lets my do my coding, my reading and even pay my bills wherever I am.

Aren't you unhappy with anything, I hear? Yes of course! And you bet I'll write about it here as well. First and foremost, the Tablet PC operating system does not have any built-in handwriting reckognizer for the Norwegian language! This really is a show-stopper, but it's easy to fix.

I bought a wordlist with throusands of norwegian words and imported them into the english wordlist (thanks to Fritz at for helping me getting them into the list). Each time I want to write with the pen, I just change the input language to english. I've become so used to doing this, that it doesn't bother me at all (although other Norwegian users might think this is more anoying than I do, so MS, please provide us all with a Norwegian reckognizer, or at least with a generic one that can be used with unknown languages.).

The next thing that anoyed me was the battery, then the fan. I'll write some more about these issues later, but as you've already guessed, they don't make me unhappy anymore!

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