Thursday, February 23, 2006

Great article about themes in Office 2007

I was reading Jensen Harris' blog, and saw that he posted an article written by Howard Cooperstein about the new Theme support in Office 2007.

What I found interesting was the limitations they had put on themes. Allowing only two slots for fonts in a Theme is a great solution, the same goes to the way they're handling colors etc.

I'm currently working on something similar in PDF, and the need for some limitations regarding defining templates was a great input for me and my team.

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Howard Cooperstein said...

Hi Christian,
Just saw your blog post. Great to hear Office Themes offered some inspiriation. Check out the Beta2 that's available for download now. We've put in a lot of refinements into the 20 available themes and UI. We're hoping people will be cranking out great looking docs without even thinking about it. :-)