Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Optimizing my Tecra M4

I've been very happy with my Toshiba Tecra M4. As many other M4-owners has noted, the computer runs a bit hot, leading to some noise from the fan. Last night I decided to see if I could get rid of it, and started up a small utility I've had running on my laptop for months called Notebook Hardware Control from

The program has a lot a small tweaks and utilities, and among them are a concept called undervolting. This is basically about giving the processor less voltage without telling it to slow down. This saves energy, minimizes heat and could also possibly make the cpu last longer.

I turned down the voltages for the speed multipliers a lot, all the way down to the following values:

Multiplier Voltage
6 0.732
8 0.812
9 0.956
10 0.988
11 1.020
12 1.052
13 1.084

This calmed down the fan a bit, making my Tecra a bit more silent.

The next thing I did was to remove some system components that I noticed was stealing a lot of resources:

  • Swapping Norton Internet Security with AVG
  • Installing Windows Defender (for anti-spyware)
  • Removed a few services, especially those marked as resource hogs

    Ok, I don't have the Electric Blue theme anymore, but that doesn't matter. My Tablet feels a lot more snappy now, and that's the biggest point.
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