Friday, February 24, 2006

Ink Gestures - a short review

I read a post from Warner Crocker about a small program called Ink Gestures from a company called Jumping Minds. Since I'm curious and interested in tools and utilities that helps me work more efficiently, I downloaded the tool to try it out (it costs $39, but a trial is available). The first thing I look for in Tablet PC utilities that uses some kind of text/gesture reckognition, is the support for Norwegian language (you may have read one of my rants about this earlier). To my big surprise, Ink Gestures just worked! I pressed the "Start Gesturing" menu, and went through the quick tutorial before trying a few gestures. Without any problems, I was able to navigate, select and format my documents. Since I'm not using Micosoft Word a lot, chances are that I want be buying this utility, but I hope other developers will learn from Jumping Minds and create tools for us foreign Tablet PC users that just works!

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